Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chemo again today

We arrived slightly early at the ward today and there were no hold-ups so my chemo dose was completed by 3.15 pm and we drove home in sunshine. That makes a change.

Guess what? The chemo nurses queried that it was my last dose. They normally give six and that was what it said on their 'pink sheet'. It was important to get this right because they provide enough of the necessary drugs that I take before another dose. After querying this with the lead consultant's secretary I was told that at the next consultant appointment, after the next scan, it would be decided what the next stage in treatment would be. Hm - the letter I was given yesterday clearly states "radiotherapy".

Tomorrow I have decided I will ring my specialist Macmillan nurse. I will suggest that either she gives "a member of my staff" the list of questions which I intend to ask in three weeks (to give him plenty of opportunity to read the notes and prepare answers) or my appointment is changed so that I can meet the lead consultant who is actually making the decisions about my treatment regime. I want to know why four cycles and not six.

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