Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The pursuit of knowledge

I've forgotten to tell you that I checked the thyroid level blood results last week and they're fine. That means that my high levels of energy and the feeling that I'm running all cylinders - plus a few - are entirely natural. That's really good news.

Yesterday I pursued my allocated link nurse about further information I'm hoping to get from the oncologists about my thyroid. She'd managed to get me discussed at the weekly meeting last week but unfortunately she wasn't able to be there herself. From the minutes she found that there was talk of involving a cardiologist.

"Cardiologist!" said I in disbelief. I was anticipating the involvement maybe of an ENT consultant or even an endocrinologist - but cardiologist? One thing that has been constant through all this is my healthy (as far as I'm aware) heart and my surprisingly (for my age) acceptable blood pressure. I was clearly very baffled

Would you like to see the lead oncologist at your next appointment?" she asked.

"Yes, please," said I, "can that be arranged?"

"Yes, just say that's who you want to see when you report to reception."

So it's that easy. Problem solved, I thought. However my delight was not to last when she told me that he's away on the date of my next appointment and the week after. We agreed that this situation was less than satisfactory and my nurse said she'd try to push for an appointment before the scan, today in fact. Now that would be good. I'm waiting for the phone to ring.

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