Friday, 28 January 2011

A bit of skirt and resolution

Found I was too busy to post earlier today and have already had a telling off! I spent a couple of hours this morning operating on a lovely floor-length linen-mix multi-panelled charity-shop-sourced skirt. I've had it for a couple of years and though it was purporting to be a size 18, it drowned me. There just hasn't been much time for sewing until now so today I bit the bullet and took off the shaped yoke and the side zip, cut a good four inches out of the side seams and reassembled the skirt into what I suspect is now a true size 18. (Note to self: must remember to get on the scales and see what I weigh these days.)

Had a message from a distant friend through a third party today. I've got to do some lung exercise - yes, I knew I really ought to. Walking halfway up the hill each day doesn't really pass for proper aerobic exercise* so I'm now resolved to do 10 minutes on the rowing machine that's tipped up forgotten in the corner of a bedroom. I'm writing about it here because by the time you have all read about it, I'm going to feel really guilty if I don't do the exercise.

*I've always thought that aerobic exercise is a daft name, because if you respire without oxygen you get cramp!!

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