Monday, 31 January 2011

The cat came too

What a lovely day - very cold but deliciously warm golden sunshine. We went for a walk around this afternoon, along the lane through Back Wood, back up the track beside the new plantation, along the top, through the gate and down someone's drive (it's a public footpath). When we got to the hill a drain cleaning lorry was doing its thing and making a horrible noise so we cut back through the Wicks and ended back in the lane.

All the time Simba our cat walked with us. Well, that's not strictly true - he kept a good 20 yard gap as if he was a child and pretending he wasn't with us. When we stopped he stopped and with a nonchalant tilt of the head sniffed a twig or examined a leaf, as much to say, "you might think I'm following you but actually I'm doing my own thing". It's the second time he's done that - he followed us one day on the same route when it had been snowing. I remember that when he was amongst the bracken he was almost impossible to see being white and ginger.

I looked at my watch when we got home - 45 minutes of good walking and lots of deep breathing, so the rowing machine can take a break today.

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