Thursday, 27 January 2011

Positive vibes rule OK

It's official - as far as breast cancer is concerned at least - and I can't believe it's any different for other types.

"Good friends and family are vital aids in helping women recover from breast cancer, a new study has found. Women with high levels of “social well-being” in the first year after diagnosis cut their risk of the disease returning by 48%, and were 38% less likely to die.

Dr Meira Epplein, who carried out the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survivor Study, said: “Social well-being in the first year after diagnosis is an important prognostic factor for breast cancer recurrence or death.” Dr Epplein said the findings could improve future treatment. However, by the third year a support network lost its power to heal."

I guess by the third year everyone's got used to the status quo and those strong vibes aren't flowing quite as strongly. But what an encouraging piece of research. Thanks everyone - keep the vibes coming please.

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