Sunday, 23 January 2011

Frog skin

There is one thing I have noticed about my skin since starting this treatment; it's rather unwelcome and reminds me of my maternal grandfather. He had tight, shiny skin on the backs of his hands; it was mottled by browny-orange-spots - age spots (or liver spots as they are often known, though they have nothing to do with the liver apparently). My grandfather when sitting in his armchair used to rub the middle fingers of each hand continuously on the wooden arms of his chair. Over the years he'd rubbed away the varnish and was now working on the wood. I can recall as a child being both revolted and transfixed by his taut sinewy mottled flesh which I thought looked just like a frog's skin.

Now as I gaze down at my hands there are unmistakeably enhanced brown age spots. They were there all along but now they are larger, brighter and determined to make their appearance more apparent. I blame the chemo but maybe it has nothing do with it, since apparently age spots are a result of sun damage. Horror of horror I can also see that I'm developing them on my face too.

Then I do a reality check; let's face it I'm no spring chicken. How old would my grandfather have been when I remember all this, soon after he retired? Sixty-four, that's only three years older than I am now. He seemed so old but actually he wasn't. Time's a funny thing eh?

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