Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thursday 6th January 2011

Tomorrow I go to see the nice oncologist who is supervising my treatment for a review of this first dose. I will take with me the chemotherapy record booklet that I was issued with at the start - it must be carried with me at all times. It bears lists of things I should look out for in terms of complications and what to do if they occur and a list of things I should avoid: people with obvious infections, unpasteurised milk, cheese, live yoghurt, raw or undercooked eggs or meat, take away food, changing nappies of children recently vaccinated, animal excreta and gardening injuries. It advises me to wash my hands before preparing or eating food, to wash or peel all fruit, vegetables and salads, to wash my hands after handling animals, fresh flowers or pot plants, to brush my teeth twice and day and to use the mouthwash they provide. (Before you ask, yes Andy and I both had a flu jab several weeks ago.) This little booklet is my passport in this strange land in which I now find myself and it is housed in a bright pink plastic wallet. The big question is: do the boys get a blue wallet?

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