Friday, 21 January 2011

Twittering and warm rays

Just been for a lovely walk, up and round the hill, calling in at a friends' house on the way past. Birds are starting to call flirtatiously, bulbs are springing and the sun was quite incredibly warm, given that it only just makes it above the hill at this time of year.

I've looked back at the same point last dose and see that my physical state was very similar and that it was about this time that I started to feel quite energetic again. Walking uphill does leave me a little bit more breathless than I expected. It's nothing to do with lungs I feel; more to do with red blood cells - there not being quite as many as usual to carry the oxgen around.

I may not be posting every day because I'm quite busy, but also because there's not necessarily any more I can tell you; so don't get alarmed by my absence here. If there's any news, rest-assured I'll post it.

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  1. I have a warm Ray, he's just popped in the car to drive to Milton Keynes...