Tuesday, 11 January 2011

In preparation

Today I have to take steriods twice - I'll do that tomorrow when I have the chemotherapy and the day after too. I take folic acid every day at the moment. Tomorrow I will also take 'bum-stoppers' (my description) - powerful anti-nausea drugs which do work but result in minor constipation - so something's needed to counteract that as well. Drugs mitigate the effects of drugs given to mitigate the effects of the chemo!

It's a strange feeling that knowingly, willingly and even enthusiastically I shall consent to being made somewhat unwell tomorrow. But let's face it, last time wasn't that bad. It was only the fear of the unknown that made it daunting. Now I know what it will be like and the likely effects I feel positively expert. I'm not complacent though; I realise my body has been given a severe jolt and while I feel it's repaired totally I doubt it has entirely, so it could be a little less palatable this time. We'll see. A few days in the dozing in the armchair won't do me any harm.

And so dear reader, be not alarmed if I don't post here tomorrow. At the very least it's a five hour sit-around-drip-into but with odd breaks here and there when staff are busy it could be a lot longer. I'll take my smart phone and see if I can manage to blog while I'm at it.  If not I'll be back with you in the next couple of days.

1 comment:

  1. Hope it goes ok tomorrow. I never thought of you
    being the least bit 'drippy.'

    How about a nice pic of a dishy dr from your
    smart phone? (For er...research purposes only..
    cough, cough ahem...)

    Lastly a sporting joke!
    What do you call am Aussie with a bat?
    ...A vet.

    Karen :0)