Sunday, 30 January 2011

Row, row, row

Lazy Sunday eh? I found I was still in bed at 9.30 am which was somewhat of a surprise since I've often 'run out of sleep' by 7 am recently. It must all be part of the healing process. From feeling a little bit fatigued a week ago, I'm now quite confident that I've managed to get the old haemoglobin levels up to more or less where they should be. Liver, spinach and various other iron-bearing foods have been playing a large part in my diet again and today I am rewarded by nice roses in my cheeks after the 10 minutes spent on my rowing machine. My feeling of well-being was confirmed by the fact that just 10 minutes seemed quite an easy target (it hadn't been the last time I tried it when I wasn't aware that there was anything 'up' with me). If felt good to be doing something really quite physically arduous and to be breathing deeply as recommended by that friend (thanks, you know who you are).

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  1. Glad it's row, row, row, and not row, row, row, with anyone, peace and quiet is what you need !!!