Wednesday, 26 January 2011

CT Scan

Up early this morning and arrived at MK hospital in good time which meant that I was already scanned by the actual appointment time. First I had to strip down to knickers and put on a gown, then lie on a bench which moves in and out through a lozenged-shaped piece of equipment. My chest, liver and thyroid gland were to be scanned.

I long ago decided that such tunnels were potentially claustrophobic, so I always close my eyes. I had to take a deep breathe and hold it a couple of times. A second scan was done after some sort of contrast agent was injected into a vein in my arm. After that I dressed and had to wait 15 minutes with the cannula still in my arm, just in case of a bad reaction to the contrast agent. Once that was removed we were off home. Now before you ask, you never get scan results immediately. I'm seeing the oncologist next week and that's when he'll give me an interpretation of what the scan shows.


  1. Good luck with the results Sue. What a good idea these blogs are. You sound very upbeat and I'm convinced that's important. When I had my BC - Breast cancer - poeple asked how could I remain so positive. Easy - I had so much support from family and friends, if I'd gone in to the abyss I'd have tAKEN THEM AS WELL - AND THEN YOU HAVE TO CLIMB BACK UP. I really do believe in the power of being positive - the brain sending good vibes into the body. Maybe nonsense but I think it helps. Incidentally I also went - still do - to a healer. She was amazing. Said I was very strong, BC was just a hiccup and I'd live to a ripe old age. I still go to her for cuddle and hands on. Jan xx

  2. yes good luck our thoughts, loves and hugs are with you and the family love ros and matt et al x