Thursday, 6 January 2011

Friday 26th November

I have lung cancer and possibly cancer of my thyroid too – both glowed showing suspect activity during a recent PET scan. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation with what came first. Bearing in mind the trouble I've had with my voice I'm inclined to think thyroid. My first appointment with the oncologist will be next week so I don’t know what my treatment regime will be yet, nor what are the odds of beating this. It’s likely that there will be about three months of treatment.
Andy and I are pretty stunned, particularly after receiving “inconclusive” results previously – but I’m sure we’ll come to terms with it all pretty soon.  The NHS to date has performed magnificently and I couldn’t have been treated better so I feel completely confident about the treatment that I will be receiving. I remain very positive – whatever the future holds I will embrace it wholeheartedly, as before.  I’m surrounded by wonderful friends and family and I couldn’t wish for more support

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