Saturday, 15 January 2011

Counting chickens

I spoke a little too soon I fear. Nausea has been the order of the day, despite the anti-nausea drugs. It's difficult to get the timing right, to take the tablet at a time when I'm not feeling too bad. Vomiting the drugs rather defeats the object! Look away now reader if talk of vomit should distress you. When it happens it's not that bad and usually just involves recently sipped water.

Today I dozed through the morning and watched a very long historical drama resulting in the heroine ending in the hero's arms - aaawwwww.

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  1. Sue, I'm not sure if you remember me. I was married to Bernard, Chris's Father and you came to Markyate several times. I was so sorry when Chris told me your news but I'm reading your blog and you sound very determined and positive. I'm sure that makes a big difference. In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and 6 months later a reconstruction. It's not been a walk in the park but I'm feeling good. We are now retired to Watchet, Somerset which we love and Chris was here for 2 weeks over Christmas - lovely. We're planning a trip together from Phoenix to San Francisco in May, now that I'm no longer grounded by medics. Take good care. Dave and I are thinking of you and wishing you well. Jan xx