Friday, 14 January 2011

Day three

I'm very suprised not to be feeling worse three days in. But it's as if my body has said: "ah - this again", and has promptly got on with dealing with whatever it has to do without as much objection as last time. Admittedly I slept through much of yesterday's daytime television - just as well given most of the content - and dozed throught the evening too. I then slept a good night's sleep. I'm just slightly aware that there's a battle going on in my stomach between the reflex that would have me vomit and the drugs that prevent it, but it's just an awareness, nothing more. Of course this time I'm more prepared and have taken the drugs before - as opposed to after the event!

Mental and emotional functions are fine which is another thing that surprises me. I did experience a real downer last time at about this point. But it didn't last long and I was soon thinking very positively again. I'm sure one must expect these sorts of wobbles but mercifully I've been free of them most of the time and if anything my resolve to beat this is increasing all the time. I have no pain, the odd twinge below the shoulder blade seems to be missing at the moment and I don't even have a cough to speak off.

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