Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wednesday 5th January 2011

It's come as something of a shock to me to realise just how many of you are reading this; I've been humbled by the number of messages of support I've received and inspired by the good vibes, positive thoughts and prayers that are being sent on my behalf. Several of you in sending me your positive energy have said that prayer is not on your agenda and I'm assuming that God is not part of your life either. Well, I have the same problem being, as I am, a Christian atheist. But I've developed a way of dealing with it while still allowing me to appreciate the glorious dogma and ritual of the dear old Church of England  - or any other religion (apart from the black arts) for that matter.  I just put another 'o' in the word and remove the capital letter. Who could dispute the existence of good? I believe that whether you call it prayer, whether you call it positive vibes - whatever - it's the same thing and I do believe that the power for good has influence. So thanks very much everyone - whatever your creed. I'm soaking up the vibes and I'm extremely grateful.

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