Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slimline me

Many of you reading this won't have seen me recently and maybe have a vision of a shaven headed gaunt figure. Nothing could be further from the truth. No-one apart from me seems to notice the hair loss - it's got thinner but it's still long and it's certainly not time to cut it yet. As for the chunky frame, well it's still chunky but it's changed. I've lost what I can only describe as blubber from my upper arms, my bottom and my thighs - which has probably left me a size and a half smaller on the lower torso. At the moment loss from the bust is minimal so I think less size-loss from the top half.

This weight loss is not as a result of the illness nor the treatment but due to my virtually fat-free and refined sugar-free existence. With one or two odd exceptions I've eaten very little bread, cake, bisuits or sweet puddings for the past couple of months. I rarely drink coffee or tea - and when I do it's a real treat. Even the glass of medicinal red wine has been sacrified. The results are very pleasing but I now have the dilemma over whether to start taking in my clothes, whether to buy new ones or whether to just hold on a while and see if I continue to lose blubber. There's still a fair bit to be lost around the tummy area even though I'm now acquainted again with my waist - and it's been a long time!

I've never been very bothered about food until now and what is most surprising is that - apart from the three or four days each 21 when I feel 'icky and horrid - I spend a lot of time thinking about food and planning the next meal. We've eaten like kings recently and hubby's been hard put to get into the kitchen, let alone cook a meal. But as I don't want you to have the image of me as a paragon of virtue, let me spill the beans on last night's dreadful excess. We had visitors who brought their Chinese take-away with them. I really fancied the odd spoonful (even though we'd eaten only a couple of hours earlier) but I'm not allowed takeaway food - it says so in my chemo passport. So instead I gorged through nearly the whole bag of prawn crackers. Now that can't have done me any good at all.

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