Monday, 10 January 2011

How do I feel?

This question is posed to me by everyone I talk to or bump into.  The answer is: normal.  I feel incredibly well. The only side effect which is apparent are now is an excess of tears. No, I don't mean I'm crying all the time - I've cried very little and usually about ridiculously tiny things. There is an overproduction of tears which is wonderful for most of the day because it makes wearing my contacts lenses a real dream. I can only think that there is some residual effect of the first dose of chemo which my body thinks needs washing out in the this way. Apart from that I'm fine. I can walk up our steep hill as well, and probably better due to the weight loss, as I did last summer. I can do everything that I normally do. I don't feel ill at all, in fact I feel slightly better because the odd muscular twinge just below the right shoulder blade (apparently a common symptom of my condition) is lessening every day. I'm therefore optimistic that this is an indication of some success as far as the chemo goes.

Tomorrow I phone to find out if my blood tests show that I'm up for the next dose of chemotherapy planned for Wednesday. Two weeks after that dose I will have a CT scan to determine if the treatment regime is the best one possible bearing mind that we don't know yet which problem came first, the thyroid or lung.

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