Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tuesday 4th January 2011

Many hands made very light work of the move and by tea time everything was organised and my new office all set up at home. The room itself is ideal with its own door onto the garden for when sunshine and warmth eventually return. I awoke at 6 am this morning and after a bit of tossing and turning decided to get up early. Sleep is something I've never had trouble with before but I'm finding it quite difficult to get to sleep and then to stay asleep some nights. Probably a bit more physical excersise would be a good idea; we're about to do a short round trip of the woods. Apart from the sleep and the eyes which are a lot better today, I don't think there are any side effects which are still troubling me now, just two weeks since they poured platinum into my body. Yes, Cisplatin contains plantinum; the other drug they gave me Pemetrexed which is similar in chemical nature to folic acid and does something clever to inhibit enzymes. To counter this I'm eating lots of raw food and things that are reputed to be anti-cancer foods - including blueberries (they are surprisingly nice), pineapple (surprisingly cheap - Andy says "at the moment"), apples, etc.

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